What I Am Doing Now

The Now Page is inspired by one of my favourite humans, Derek Sivers.
This is basically a repository of what I'm interested in pursuing, reading, studying, doing at this point of my existence.

Updated as of 24th June 2023, from Singapore 🇸🇬

SOMA Breathwork -

I just got my Level 1 certification, taking a short break before I continue with Level 2. I still tune into SOMADI to get fresh inspiration on arranging a meditation class. It's much more difficult than I initially thought it to be. There's an art to ensuring you allow space for others to 'get into' the groove and not feel 'lost'.

Consulting Business -

I am still on the fence of diving into either -
i) Productivity / Human Optimization (a lifelong facination and passion of mine) with a slant of Breathwork, Building a Second Brain, and some elements of Reality Bending. I already have one case study / success story.

ii) Growth Hacking / Marketing which has more tangible ROI but might need a bit more handholding on the client's side.

Quantum Mechanics / Reality Bending -

Revisiting previous recommendations on Belief, Identity Shifting and vibrating with intent. Just finished Ask & It Is Given on Audible and am finishing up a 7 Day Timeline Shift program that ties everything up with the works of Dr Maxwell Maltz, Vishen's Beyond Limitless and Dr Joe DiSpenza. Also seeing how this correlates to Tibeten Buddhism.

Wisdom / Finding & Curating a Smaller Number of "Guru's"

I always find myself guilty of going through a crazy amount of research and rabbit holes to find the best "shiny object". I will need to narrow down my information sources to just 3-5 people who has the life I want to lead (and who seem to have their shite together). And actually just going deep with those vs going broad. Building a solid foundation of knowledge that I am confident that will give my daughter a head start in life and me being the best version of myself.

Meta Thoughts

Trying to catch myself think what I am thinking and correcting my thoughts and challenging my beliefs and perceptions of what I think is real / possible. It's sometimes humbling to see that people who come from a more disadvantage background are still able to do much better than myself. But this is also where self compassion comes in and being gentle on myself.

80/20 Principle and Quantum Progress

Generative AI

Partially for work - as Amazon is spending $100M to stay relevant against OpenAI and also to jump in the possible applications before I get too far behind. Marketing post Generative AI - the gooroos are now having selling courses on how this will change the art of copywriting (even course sellers - I mean copywriters)  How it's being used in Second Brain software tools like Mem and Reflect.

Doubling Down / Finalizing My Second Brain Workflow

I am currently invested in Evernote, Obsidian, Mem and Reflect - which is far too many second brain tools (and annual subscriptions) for any tool to be truly useful. For Mem - I love the 1) suggested notes of MemX; 2) the ease to capture and 3) chat feature that utilizes large language modelling but the speed and clunkyness of app is a bit of a turn off.
For Reflect - it just looks good, it's fast, Chat GPT-4 plugins, Readwise syncronization and great app. But having no suggested notes sometimes means I write additional notes and its not ideal to churn out fast captures - as I can't view notes by when I last interacted with it.

Fitness - Finding the right Minimum Effective Dose

Having a good minimum effective dose daily above and on top of my 3x lifts. Also to get in some cardio for my heart and to lose some extra weight before October!

Daddy Education - October is coming soon!

I have been asking Dads around on what to expect and what to do when my little one arrives. I have however been putting off reading about the more practical aspect of things (diaper change etc).

Marketing From the Soul

This is something I have always been passionate about - creating 'beautiful and entertaining' pieces of marketing that some may call a work of art. I am exploring putting together videos as a content producer. Also creating a seamless funnel utilizing change in belief.

Acoustic Guitar

In an effort to create a musical household for the little one when she is out. I have been taking lessons (again!).