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The Early Entrepreneur Mental Block & The Art of Start

The Early Entrepreneur Mental Block & The Art of Start
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash

Starting a side-hustle while still being strapped up in a corporate-ish environment can feel a tad bit overwhelming (plus other adulting responsibilities!).

So the list of things (tell me if this resonates) that you may experience:

Information Overload
Need A Team
Need Money
Not Enough Time
Looking for "Secrets"
No Action
No Product
Lack of Focus
Lack of Skill
Fear and Uncertainty

With "money" being on the other side of the rainbow...

The process that you will find in any organization will be:
Startup -> Momentum -> Business Building -> Rapid Growth

So where do we start?

Here's where it gets interesting.

Most focus on Capabilities - or the how - what we do, what we focus on, what we get.

Most personal development programs start on Behaviours / Action - what we do, what we focus on

Most people seek shortcuts from Environment  - our reality.

While neither approach is wrong - I think where these approaches neglects is the most important part of any venture that gives it soul - Your Identity and mapping it to your beliefs to chart our map of reality. This is where you create a dent in the universe by bending reality to your worldview.

I think this is where ingenuity and creativity kicks in and a startup / venture takes on its own life. Being more than just a business that exists but a representation or manifestation of its Founder. Then there's also having a vision that is greater than the Founder to bring about a better version of Reality but that's for a different day.